Why were there almost no women in the “Tribute to Heroes” at the Oscars?

I love the Oscars.  In fact, I love the entire self-congratulatory season every year form the Emmy’s to the Golden Golden Globes to the SAG’s to the Oscars. I love them even though, I normally don’t even watch most of the nominated films until well after the season is over (I can’t stand movie theaters, but that’s a different rant). 

When the adorableness that is Chris Evans came on the screen to announce a retrospective of popular heroes, the Oscars were finally speaking my language (it’s a particular dialect of nerd and pop cultarism).  However, what we saw was one of the most sexist features recently aired on TV. There were fifty men and counting featured compared to about 5 women. 

We got the Terminator (yes, I was also surprised to find out he was a hero despite T2), but no Sarah Connor (whose arms inspired a generation!).  We saw Han and Luke but no Leia.  We saw Superman, but no Wonder Women.  If we’re going to include Jayden Smith, can’t we get a quick shot of Hilary Swank? Dorothy saved a different dimension and Lara Croft fixed TIME, but both were snubbed. 

Look, I get the Oscars aren’t representative of everyday life (even if I would LOVE to go to work each day in a ball gown), but for a group that is preachy to a fault (I’m talking to you Jared Leto), it is beyond ridiculous that the tastemakers still chose to send the message that men are heroes and women are damsels. Should women be a hero, it is an anomaly and probably a work of teen fiction. 

The men featured are fantastic characters, the latest Superman notwithstanding, but it was uneven and sad.  Hopefully someone far more experienced with editing and far less scared of copyright infringement will put together the appropriate tribute to female heroes. 

Did the Oscars overlook women’s contribution to the hero genre or is this a ridiculous notion?  Voice your opinion!